MATERIX Nano Teknoloji San. Tic. A. Ş. is a nanotechnology-focused start-up that aims to develop commercializable materials by collaborating with the industry and academia. Our company was established at DEPARK (Dokuz Eylul University Technopark-Technological Development Zone) in January 2022, with business idea, which won the "5th Women in Innovation Entrepreneurship Camp" held in Türkiye, and was awarded a grant within the scope of KOSGEB R&D, P&D and Innovation Support Program. By June 2022, with the completion of hydrophobic nano-film product prototype, a workshop was opened in Zone Gaziemir, İzmir, Türkiye.

A material may be inadequate in terms of the properties expected from its surface and another higher quality material may be required. In such cases, replacing the material on the surface, instead of improving or changing the entire material, can save a great deal of resources. Our thin films, which are applied in liquid form and generally by spraying or immersion method, form transparent layers not exceeding 300 nanometers on the applied surface and have specific functions (hydrophobic, photocatalytic, antibacterial, etc.).

Our journey:

  • November 2020 ⇒  Finalist at 5th Women in Innovation Competition
  • December 2021 ⇒ R&D Grant within the scope of KOSGEB R&D, Product and Innovation Support Program
  • January 2022 ⇒ Company Establishment in Dokuz Eylul University Technology Development Zone (DEPARK)
  • June 2022 ⇒ Workshop establishment in Zone Gaziemir
  • October 2022 ⇒ Market launch of hydrophobic nano-film coating product for glass, ceramics, wood and textile surfaces
  • November 2022 ⇒ Accepted to "Arya Entrepreneurship Academy" organized in cooperation with Arya Women's Investment Platform and Türkiye İş Bankası
  • February 2023 ⇒ Market launch of nano-film coating that increases energy efficiency by reducing pollution on solar panels