Materix NFC-11 Rain Repellent assures safe driving during rainy conditions and reduces the risk of accident by improving visiblity in rainy weather. It delays the frequency of car washing by reducing water stains and dusting.



Materix NFC-11 is safe to apply on windshields, side Windows, rear Windows and mirros of the cars.



Make sure that surface is clean, dry and is free of any dust, dirt or water. For best performance apply on cool surfaces. Apply the product between 5C - 30C temperature. Clean the surface with Materix Surface Cleaner and dry with a clean microfiber cloth prior to the application of the product.

Please wear the protective gloves before using the product. Sprey the product on the surface and immediately wipe with the cotton cloth provided in the box. Recommended amount to use ise 5-10 ml/m2 Check the surface after application and make sure that there are no traces on the surface. Curing period is 24 hours and during curing keep the coated surface away from direct sunlight, dust, water and contamination.