Materix NFC-12 Marine Clean is a high quality rain repellant/water repellent with its special and different formula. It allows easy and detergent-free cleaning of limescale and water stains on interior windows of boats and yachts.


Materix NFC-12 is safe to apply on all glass surfaces in your yacht and boat. Do not use the other surfaces. If wrongly used, wipe down surface totally with a dry micro cloth.



NFC-12 assures safe driving against rainy conditions and salty water with its water repellent function. It provides easy cleaning by reducing the presence of dirt and stains in the applied areas and significantly reduces the use of cleaning materials. Efficiency lasts up to 1 year.



Before applying, make sure that surface is clean, dry and is free of any dust, dirt or water. Sprey the product on the surface and immediately wipe with a cotton cloth. Do not use microfiber cloth for wiping. Recommended amount to use is 5-10 ml/m2 approximately sprey 25 times on a square meter. Curing period is 24 hours and during curing keep the coated surface away from direct sunlight, dust, water and contamination. The product may not show its full effectiveness on surfaces that have not been adequately cleaned and rinsed.