MATERIX NFC-16 is a liquid material that provides water repellent (hydrophobic) properties to textile or similar fabric-covered stuff thanks to the hydrophobic nanoparticles in it. After it is applied by spraying, it covers the entire surface of the fabric and creates an invisible layer. This layer prevents the fabric from staining and makes it easy to clean. It does not cause any change in the texture, appearance or color of the applied surface.


Materix NFC-16 is safe to apply on all fabrics and suet surfaces including curtains and carpets. Do not use the other surfaces. If wrongly used, wipe down surface totally with a dry micro cloth.



In addition to easy cleaning in the applied areas, it provides strong water and oil repellency. Efficiency last up to 6 months.



Before applying, make sure that surface is clean, dry and is free of any dust, dirt or water. Application area should be well ventilated. Sprey the surface until the surface is slightly wet. If the surface does not absorb the product well, it should be spread with a cloth slightly. Recommended amount to use is 80-100 ml/m2 approximately sprey 150-200 times. Fabric type may change the effect of product. Test the product by appyling on a spot on a hidden part of your fabric.