With Materix Wood Clean Wood Protector Nano Spray, it extends the life of your natural wood products and garden furniture in you

r home by protecting them from water damage, thanks to its water-repellent (hydrophobic) feature.

The product protects the original appearance of your wooden furniture by providing protection on the wooden surface on which it is applied. Thanks to its water-repellent feature, it minimizes the water absorption of your wood even under the rain, and prolongs the life of your furniture.



Materix NFC-15 is safe to apply on all furnitures of natural wood of home and garden. Do not use the other surfaces. If wrongly used, wipe down surface totally with a dry micro cloth.



In addition to easy cleaning in the applied areas, it provides strong water and oil repellency. It delays dirt and stain retention and also provide protection against sun rays. Efficiency lasts up to 6 months.



Before applying, make sure that surface is clean, dry and is free of any dust, dirt or water. Product may not work on insufficient cleaned surfaces. Sprey the product on the surface and immediately wipe with a cotton cloth. Recommended amount to use is 40-60 ml/m2 approximately sprey 150-200 times on a square meter. Curing period is 24 hours and product effect may vary with respect to the type of wood. Test the product by applying on a hidden spot of wooden product.