This project, which is currently supported within the scope of KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization of Turkey) R&D, P&D, and Innovation Program, started in February 2022, and is aimed to be completed within a year. One of the factors that most affect the energy efficiency of Solar Panel Plants (SPPs) after installation is not cleaning the dirt, dust and other components accumulated on the panel surface at the ideal frequency. The surfaces remain dusty for a long time until the cleaning process takes place, and energy loss proceeds in this process. In photovoltaic (PV) energy systems; if we evaluate the efficiency loss due to pollution as ~ 15%, the cost of 15% loss for 1 MW of production will be approximately $15,000 (Unit electricity sales price is calculated as $0.10/kW). With our anti-reflective and photocatalytic nano-film coating to be applied to solar panels, we mainly aim to increase energy efficiency by reducing the organic and inorganic pollution accumulated on the panel surface. Other advantages of this product can be listed as: reducing the frequency of cleaning (reduction in water consumption & labor costs), and also extending the life of the panel (problems caused by not being stepped on during cleaning and using poor quality water).